The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Our Roof Replacement Process

Exterior Home Remodeling Project - Warren County, NJ

1. Schedule An Appointment For A Roof Installation / Replacement

To make an appointment with us, just contact our team to set up a consultation for a roof estimate.

You can reach out to us by phone or through our website to discuss a convenient time for an appointment. During the meeting, we will check your roof, measure it, and suggest any needed repairs or replacements. Booking an appointment is important for assessing the state of your roof. 

2. Contract Agreement

The next essential step in the process is to reach an agreement on the terms and price of the contract. This agreement is important because it explains what each party must do in the contract. Review and understand the terms completely to make sure everything is clear and agreed upon.

This covers what work will be done, when payments are due, what materials will be used, and warranties. Both parties need to know what is expected of them and what happens if they don’t follow the contract. Also, make sure the price and payment terms are clearly agreed upon to prevent any future disagreements.

3. Dumpster Delivery

Once the parties reach a contract agreement, the next step is to arrange for a dumpster delivery. This step is important for replacing a roof safely and efficiently. It helps get rid of all the debris and materials from the project. The size of the dumpster chosen will correspond with the magnitude of your roofing project for proper waste disposal.

4. Moving your vehicles out of the way

Move your vehicles from the driveway so we can replace your roof safely and efficiently. It’s important for the process. By moving your vehicles, you protect them from potential damage caused by falling debris during the roof replacement process.

Also, park your vehicles in a way that allows you to easily enter and exit your home without delays. This allows you to carry on with your daily routine without any inconvenience.

5. Setting up protection for your property

During the roof replacement process, it is essential to set up protection for your property to prevent damage and ensure the safety of the job site. We will protect your property by covering it with a tarp.

This will keep it safe from debris, nails, and other potential hazards. The tarp will extend from the ground to the roof. This will also make the cleanup process much easier once the job is completed.

Additionally, we will protect shrubs and landscaping by covering them with tarps to prevent damage from falling materials.

6. We Will Remove Your Old Roof

To remove the old roof, we start in one area and work towards the dump trailer. Disposing of the old materials as we go.

After removing the old roof, we will check the wood decking underneath for any hidden damage. This allows for completing repairs before installing the new roof, ensuring a strong base for the new materials.

7. Roofing materials will be delivered to your home

Typically, the materials will arrive as the roof is being torn off. If we can reach your home easily, we will use a crane to put the materials on your roof. If not, we will leave the materials on the driveway until we finish the roof. Once the materials arrive, the roof installation can begin.

8. We start the roof installation process

Roof installation starts by preparing the roof deck to make sure it’s clean, level, and clear of debris. Next, lay down the underlayment, then the ice and water shield for added protection against water leaks. Roofing systems like shingles, shakes, or metal panels are put in place following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Using good roofing materials is important for a long-lasting and effective roof. Additionally, following the instructions for installation from the manufacturer can ensure warranty coverage and proper function. 

roof installation process - BK Roofing & remodeling

9. Cleaning up after the Roof installation

Once the crew completes the roof installation, they will begin the cleanup process. This includes cleaning the new roof and gutters, making sure the ground is clean, and using magnets to collect loose nails. Finally, the team will neatly pack up tarps and clean up leftover roofing materials.

10. Inspecting the jobsite

After installing the roof, it’s important to check thoroughly to make sure the work is done well and meets high standards. 

Additionally, we will carefully check the roof for any problems to make sure it lasts a long time and works well after installation.