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Roof Leak Repair NJ

Many homeowners in New Jersey experience roof leaks, which can lead to further damage if not addressed promptly. However, they may be unsure whether to repair or replace their roof in order to properly fix the issue.

Roof leaks in a home can lead to expensive repairs and health risks like mold. They can damage the inside of the house. However, homeowners often feel frustrated deciding if a quick fix will work or if they need a whole new roof.

We are here to help you make the right decision for your roof. Our team will check your roof for damage and give you a detailed recommendation based on their assessment.

If only one part of the roof is damaged, we can fix it quickly and affordably with our roof repair services. Our experts will find where the leak is coming from and fix it to make sure your roof doesn’t leak anymore.

However, if we find alarming problems with your roof, we might suggest getting a new one. Our team will explain the benefits of getting a new roof. This includes how it can last 30 years, save energy, and increase your property’s value. Let us help you understand the advantages.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction always comes first. We are proud to provide great service from beginning to end. Our experts will quickly assess the problem, give a precise diagnosis, and offer solutions that fit your needs. With our extensive knowledge we can fix your roof leak efficiently while ensuring long-lasting results.

Don’t let a roof leak compromise the comfort and safety of your home. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and ensure your roof receives the attention it deserves.

Emergency Leak Protocol

Don’t let a roof leak turn into a major headache! Follow these simple precautions to prevent further damage in your home:

1. Locate the source of the leak

Take immediate action and identify where the water is seeping into your home. This initial step will help you address the problem efficiently.

2. Contain the water

Place a bin or tub strategically under the leak to catch any water dripping from your ceiling. Minimize potential damage by collecting the water as it comes in.

3. Call a roofing professional

Contact our roofing professionals immediately for prompt assistance. Our team is equipped to handle roof leaks and provide reliable solutions tailored to your situation.

4. Rest easy, knowing help is on its way

Once you’ve connected with our experts, you can trust that your problem will be addressed swiftly and professionally. We prioritize customer satisfaction and guarantee a hassle-free experience every time!

No one wants to deal with the expense and stress of a roof leak. With our dependable maintenance services, keep your home dry and safe all year round. We know every situation is different, so our team will create a personalized solution just for you.

We take pride in offering responsive and reliable roofing services throughout New Jersey. As trusted experts in the field, we are committed to providing quick repairs and exceptional customer service.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Ensure that your home remains protected when an emergency leak strikes.

Why Roof Leaks Happen

With extreme weather conditions year-round, your roof is exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Be ready for a roof leak so you’re not surprised. Know what to do to prevent problems when they occur.

Poor Installation

Poor installation by an uncertified roofer can also be a common cause of roof leaks. To prevent this, it’s important to have your roof installed by a licensed and insured professional that you can trust.


High winds, repeated freezing and thawing, hail damage, and wind damage can all cause your roof to fail and lead to leaks. Which is why its so important to check your roofs for any loose or broken shingles.

Impact Damage

High activity from animals, hail damage, and fallen trees/debris can all cause your roof to fail. Protect your home by checking for signs of roof leaks regularly.

It is important to regularly check your roof for loose or broken shingles to prevent bigger problems in the future. If your roof is older than 15-20 years, it may be more prone to leaks, even in mild weather. It’s important to keep this in mind for maintenance and repairs.

Overall, by checking and maintaining your roof regularly can prevent issues and protect your home from leaks. Be proactive to avoid problems.

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How to Spot a Roof Leak

Spotting a roof leak can be a little more difficult than it seems. Water can enter one way, travel down half your roof, and then make its way into your house.

But fear not! There are a few things you can look for in order to navigate where the leak is coming from. Here are some key signs to watch out for:


Bubbling Paint

When you notice paint bulging or bubbling on your walls or ceiling, it could be a sign of water damage. This damage may be caused by a leak in the roof. Water leaking from the roof can make paint peel and create ugly bubbles.


Water Stains

Discolored patches or stains on your ceiling or walls are often telltale signs of a roof leak. While these stains may vary in size and shape, depending on the severity of the leak and how long it has been present. Don’t ignore these stains as they may worsen over time if left unattended.


Rusted Nails

Take a close look at any exposed nails around your roof area. When you spot rusted or corroded nails, it could be an indication of water penetration. Rust happens when metal touches water, rusty nails mean water got under your roof.


 Missing Shingles

Inspect your roof for any missing shingles. In fact, even just one missing shingle can create an entry point for water to infiltrate your home. Therefore keep in mind that strong winds, heavy rain, or aging shingles can result in shingle loss over time.


 Damp Insulation

Check your attic for signs of dampness or wet insulation material. Leaks from the roof can gradually saturate the insulation, making it feel damp to the touch. Damp insulation not only compromises its effectiveness but also acts as a breeding ground for mold and mildew.


Mold or Mildew

Keep an eye out for any visible signs of mold or mildew growth in your attic or upper floors. The presence of these fungi suggests excess moisture, often caused by a roof leak. Mold and mildew can have adverse health effects, so timely detection and remediation are crucial.

Remember, detecting a roof leak early is essential to prevent further damage to your home. If you see these signs, ask a roofing expert to check and fix the problem.

Residential Roof Damage

Leaks are a serious issue! Don’t let them go unattended or you may face extensive damage to your home. Here in New Jersey, some of the most common types of roof wear we see are Due To:

  • Warped or buckled roof decks
  • Damaged shingles or slate
  • Damaged flashing around chimneys and roof vents
  • Ice dams on the roof edge
  • Water stains on ceilings or walls
  • Peeling paint
  • Water leaking into the home during rainstorms

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to address them promptly to prevent further damage. A warped or buckled roof deck may mean there are problems with the roof’s structure, while damaged shingles or slate can lead to leaks in your home. Old flashing around chimneys and roof vents can cause water leaks. Additionally, ice dams on the roof edge can result in water entering your home.

Should I repair or replace my leaky roof?

When it comes to your roof, it’s important to make the best decision for you. When should you repair or replace? Weigh the pros and cons in order to make the right decision to get your roof in top shape!

Roof Replacement

Pros – Long lasting solution, obtain manufacturer warranty, get a brand new roof installed properly

Cons – More Expensive

Roof Repair

Pros – more cost effective, leak is fixed for now

Cons – may be hard to find the same type of shingles to repair, no telling how long the repair will last, unable to discover more damage beyond roofing shingles

When you need to fix or change your roof, it’s important to get advice from a professional. In fact, we can help you make the best choice for your specific situation.

Do You Need a Roof Repair or Roof Replacement? – GAF

Rotten Wood

Most of the time, a leak through your roof will lead to rotten wood beneath your roofing material. This is one reason why a roof replacement might be your best bet. Rotted wood can spread very quickly and cause more damage than you might expect.

Causes of Rotten Wood


Soft/Spongy Feel

If your roof feels soft or spongy when you walk on it, it could be a sign of rotted wood. This is often caused by moisture seeping into the roof structure over time.


Discoloration (Black or Green)

Black or green discoloration on your roof can indicate the presence of fungi or algae. These organisms thrive in moist environments and can accelerate the decay of wood.


Presence of Insects

Insects, such as termites and carpenter ants, are attracted to and thrive in rotted wood. When you notice an increased presence of these pests around your home, it could be a sign that there’s rotting wood in your roof.

Steps Involved in the Roof Leak Repair Process in New Jersey

While living in New Jersey, roof leak repair is a common concern for homeowners, especially during the rainy seasons. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the steps for fixing a roof leak to make sure you find the right solution. Each step in fixing a leak is important for keeping your home safe and secure. Learn these steps to be ready for roof leaks and stop more damage to your property.

Inspection and Diagnosis of the Problem Area

Inspection Process : When it comes to roof leak repair in NJ, the first step is to thoroughly inspect your roof and identify any potential areas of concern. However, a professional roofer should inspect the roof to find and fix any problems with it.

The Diagnosis: Once any potential issues have been identified, the next step is to diagnose the exact cause of the leak. This can be done through a series of tests and visual inspections. Finally, we will also provide you with a detailed report of our findings and recommended maintenance tips to help keep your roof in top condition.

Implementing Solutions and Carrying Out Repairs

1. Find what’s causing the roof leak such as missing shingles, broken flashing, or chimney damage.

2. Firstly, get all the things you need for fixing the roof, like new shingles, roofing cement, and a ladder.

3. Safely access the roof and carefully remove any damaged or deteriorated materials.

4. Replace missing or damaged shingles and secure them in place with roofing cement.

5. Repair or replace any damaged flashing around chimneys, vents, or skylights.

6. Address any chimney deterioration by sealing cracks and replacing damaged bricks or mortar.

7. In addition, inspect the repaired areas to ensure they are properly sealed and water-tight.

8. Address any underlying issues that may have caused the damage, such as poor ventilation or excessive moisture.

It is crucial to address roof leaks promptly to prevent further damage to the roof’s substructure. While neglecting to repair a leak can lead to water damage, mold growth, and structural damage. In fact, prompt action can minimize the extent of the damage and help prolong the lifespan of the roof.

Additionally, addressing leaks quickly can also prevent costly repairs and potential safety hazards. By taking swift action, homeowners can protect their investment and ensure the long-term integrity of their roof. Roof leak repairs in NJ require prompt attention to maintain the overall health and durability of the roof.

Should I repair or replace roof when its already leaking?

When faced with a leaky roof, the decision to repair or replace can be a tough one. Getting a new roof means a lasting fix and a warranty for a properly installed roof from the manufacturer. However, it tends to be more expensive.

On the other hand, roof repair is more cost-effective and fixes the immediate leak. Nonetheless, it may be hard to find the same type of shingles to repair, and there’s no guarantee of how long the repair will last. Additionally, it may not uncover any additional damage beyond the roofing shingles.

Ultimately, the decision to repair or replace your roof should be based on weighing the pros and cons. Every situation is different, so it’s essential to get a professional opinion before making a decision. Consider the age of the roof, extent of damage, and your long-term plans for the property. It’s important to make the best decision for you and your specific situation. When carefully considering the options and seeking professional advice, you can make the right decision to ensure your roof is in top shape.

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Areas We Serve in New Jersey

We proudly serve various cities and counties in New Jersey, including but not limited to:

Bergen County

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Our professional roofing repair services cater to both residential and commercial properties in these areas. We specialize in flat roof repair, roof leak repair, chimney repair, and skylight repair. Whether you need a minor repair or a complete overhaul, our skilled team is equipped to handle all your roofing needs.

We know that different roofs have different problems. That’s why we work hard to find good solutions for all types of roofs. We are a reilable roofing company in Warren County, Morris County, and beyond, while focusing on customer satisfaction and quality work.

Water Is Your Home’s All Time Worst Enemy

Water can be a home’s worst enemy, causing significant and costly damages if left unaddressed. When water enters a home, it can lead to mold growth, which not only damages the structure of the building, but also poses serious health risks to the residents. Additionally, water can cause wood to warp and rot, compromising the integrity of the home’s structure. Furniture and electronics are also at risk of being damaged by water, potentially leading to expensive replacements.

Professional roof leak repair services are essential in preventing and addressing these issues. A leaking roof lets in water and can cause a lot of damage if not fixed quickly. Hiring a professional to fix roof leaks can prevent water damage to a home. This proactive approach not only safeguards against potential damages, but also ensures the longevity and safety of the home.

Our Top Of The Line Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing top of the line customer service as your local roofing contractor. We have been working for 25 years and always aim to make our customers happy with our services. 

Customer service is crucial in the roofing industry as it sets us apart from our competitors. We also strive to make sure our customers are happy. Our goal is to ensure our customers are satisfied.

We will always go the extra mile to fulfill their needs. This includes clear communication, high-quality work, and effective project management. We know that getting a new roof or repairs can be expensive for our customers. We want to make the process easy and stress-free for you.

Focusing on customer service allows us to gain trust and loyalty from clients. While, in turn, leads to referrals and repeat business. Word-of-mouth plays a crucial role in this process. 

How much does a roof repair cost?

Roof leaks can be a major headache, but getting them fixed doesn’t have to break the bank. The price of hiring a roof repair contractor can change based on the leak’s size and where it is. Minor repairs may only cost a few hundred dollars, while larger or more complex issues can run into the thousands. Factors such as the type of roofing material, extent of damage, and accessibility of the affected area can all impact the overall cost.

If you notice a leak in your roof, don’t wait – contact us as soon as possible to assess the issue and provide a quote for the necessary repairs. We offer free estimates, so you can get an idea of the cost before committing to the repair. Taking quick action to address the problem will ultimately save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Frank Feci
We wanted to share our complete satisfaction with Ali and his team for a job well done on renovation of our kitchen, family room, and dining room. The quality of work was excellent. We have received numerous compliments on the renovation. His roofing team also replaced our roof and they did an exceptional job in one day.
nicole militello
BK roofing is the best. Al came out the day I called to look at my leaking roof. He was very knowledgeable and honest. Other roofers came out and said I needed to replace ALL the plywood, without removing a single shingle. Al gave me a great price (over $8,000 less than the competition. I would highly recommend Al for all roofing and home repair needs. Honest and thorough!!
Ray Kenner
I was living at an apartment and our roof was leaking. After reaching out to our landlord several times, I realized I would have to live with the leak or pay for it myself. After calling several roofers, I reached out to Al from BK Roofing and Remodeling. Unlike the other roofers that quoted me between $500-$800, he fixed the roof on a Sunday because he saw rain was in the forecast. The best thing was that he didn't charge me because it ended up being a loose piece of flashing and he said it was "an easy fix". I would highly recommend this company.
I can not say enough about Ali and his team. They recently installed new kitchen cabinets for us. They were professional and timely and their work is far superior to anyone else. They even came in at $3000 less on the estimate than any other company. We are beyond happy with our beautiful new kitchen. I would highly recommend BK Roofing!
Seyhun Byrne
I must say Al and his crew was quite professional, polite and experts in their field. Unlike the other contractors, BK Roofing and Remodeling were honest and upfront with their quote to do my windows and roofing. They didn’t have any hidden fees or tried to sell me things. Their price was very competitive and their workmanship was exceptional. Al was so nice he even threw in the first three sheets of plywood for free. They actually showed up to do the job on the day they promised and finished the roof in one day! Al even went above and beyond and painted the interior window trim after installing them. Very professional and clean job! Highly recommend them.
Kelly Morris
I would give 10 stars if I could! I had my windows replaced by BK roofing and remodeling. Al took the time to go over my options and made sure I stayed within my budget. He and his crew were very professional and I couldn't be happier. I would definitely recommend them. You won't be disappointed!
Caroline Stierle
Al and Jack at BK Roofing & Remodeling did a great job replacing my roof, siding and gutters. I could not ask for a better experience. They completely transformed my home and gave it the look I wanted. I highly recommend!!
Diego & Saskia Castelomendes
BK Roofing and Remodeling was there for us when we purchased our new home that was in dire need of some upgrades. Ali and his team of craftsman helped us design a gorgeous functioning kitchen, a dream to cook and gather in. We also used BK to refinish our hardwood floors throughout the house and for a complete bathroom refresh. Ali and staff where professional, super clean, and reliable. We would highly recommend them again ang again.
Gary Poyer
Al has done a lot of work for me and my family. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of service. He is always available to answer any questions and he is very concerned with making his customer happy. I would recommend BK Roofing and Remodeling to everyone.
Mitch Schlesinger
Al and his crew were fantastic!! New roof and gutters came out great! They are really professional and clean up was spot on! I would recommend Al for any home remodeling/renovation project all day long!


How Do I Know If I Have A Roof Leak?

If you notice water stains or damp areas on your ceiling or walls, it’s a telltale sign that you might have a roof leak. Another common indicator is the presence of water inside your home after heavy rainfall. Sometimes, you might even hear dripping sounds or notice a musty odor.

How Urgent Are Roof Leaks?

It is important to address roof leaks as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Ignoring roof leaks can lead to costly repairs. If your roof is leaking, call a professional roofer right away to fix the problem before it gets worse.

Can I Fix A Roof Leak Myself?

While it’s possible to fix a minor roof leak on your own, it’s generally recommended to seek professional help for roof leak repair to ensure a long term solution. Trying to fix it without proper knowledge or tools could lead to more extensive damage and costly repairs down the line.

How Long Does It Take To Repair A Roof Leak?

The duration of roof leak repairs depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the issue and the size of the affected area. Minor leaks can often be fixed within a few hours, while larger leaks or extensive damage may require a day or two.

Do I Need To Replace My Entire Roof If I Have A Leak?

Not necessarily. In many cases, a roof leak can be repaired without the need for a complete roof replacement. However, it largely depends on the extent of the damage and the age of your roof. A professional roofer will inspect the condition of your roof and provide an honest evaluation.